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Post Adopts Expectation for Respect of the US Flag 

At their recent regular business meeting, members of Grandview’s Fred E. Hayes Post 57 of The American Legion endorsed and adopted a recent action by the national organization on the Legion’s expectation for respect of the US Flag.

The American Legion believes in the U.S. flag and everything it stands for, and Legionnaires who fought for the nation’s symbol take deep pride in it. To continue its flag-protection efforts, the Legion’s National Executive Committee adopted a resolution at its recent Fall Meetings in Indianapolis that outlines the organization's expectation for rendering proper respect to the flag during Legion program participation at the department (state) and national level.

Resolution 16 – brought forth by the Americanism Commission – also comes in light of recent actions by professional athletes, and now that of several youth sports teams, who are kneeling during the national anthem out of protest.

“The American Legion does not deny the right to protest, for that is a privilege given to all citizens of this great nation that is protected by our military and the service of our membership to defend our democracy,” said Richard Anderson, Americanism Commission chairman. “’To foster and perpetuate a 100 percent Americanism’ defines our responsibility to instill character, citizenship and sportsmanship, among other values. Resolution 16 defines only a small commitment to our youth, to maintain the values upon which The American Legion was founded.”

As stated in the resolution, The American Legion expects participants of its programs to show proper respect to the U.S. flag at all times, including during the national anthem. It recommends for department and post leaders of all Legion programs to clearly state to individuals in advance of program participation about the organization’s expectation for respect of the flag. If a participant involved in any Legion program “cannot or will not” meet the Legion’s expectation, the resolution states that “the individual should not be a participant in American Legion programs.”

“While we cannot mandate this resolution to our respective departments, we hope that this will be a guideline for them to respond in a similar manner (as national) to teach and respect the honor and rights of American citizenship and its responsibilities,” Anderson said.

For individuals participating in American Legion programs at the national level, the resolution states that those who “cannot or will not” meet the organization’s expectations for proper flag respect “will be removed from the program and not be allowed any further participation.”

“The resolution is going to set an example for our youth, and our youth will lead by example, for respecting our flag and respecting our national anthem,” said American Legion National Commander Charles E. Schmidt. “And hopefully our youth, through our American Legion programs, will be examples for those professionals who choose not to respect our flag and our national anthem.

“That’s what The American Legion does – we are building great role models for the future of this organization and for this country.”

Grandview’s American Legion Post, in adopting this stance, will apply the expectation in all local programs and awards of The American Legion.  “This applies to all of our youth recognition awards, including the School Award, Vocational and Athlete Scholars and our Boys State and Girls State delegates,” said Post Commander Robert Gates.  “It extends to other local awards programs, such as Educator of the Year and public safety awards,” he added. “We must take this stance since it is one of the pillars or foundations of our organization.”  The Post doesn’t expect problems, but they want to be clear up front what their expectations are regarding respect to the US Flag and National Anthem to eliminate any confusion.

Grandview’s Fred E. Hayes Post 57 has been serving the community and local veterans since October 13, 1919 with an emphasis on veterans and military as well as their families, Americanism programs and mentoring youth.

Grandview’s Wreaths Across America Seeking Donations 

(Grandview, WA, October 20, 2016) Grandview’s Annual Wreaths Across America campaign is underway and there is a pressing need to raise enough donations or sponsorships to cover about 300 remaining veteran’s graves at the Grandview Cemetery in December.

The annual program, started by Ginger Emerson of Grandview and assisted by Grandview’s American Legion Post 57, is part of a national celebration conducted on the same day and timed to coincide with the ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery.  For the last two years, every grave of a veteran buried in Grandview has been covered with a wreath.  “Currently, there are just under 500 veterans buried in Grandview,” said Sally Van Horn, local coordinator for the effort.

“We have been blessed in the past with strong support for this program,” Van Horn stated.  “We are hoping for more corporate sponsorships to fill the void, but individual donations are extremely important.”

Individuals may purchase one wreath for $15.  A Family donation of $60 will buy 4 wreaths.  10 wreaths may be purchased by a small business for $150 and a corporate donation of $1,500 would provide 100 wreaths.

Due to difficulties and confusion on the Wreaths Across America website, Van Horn strongly encourages donors to send their donations directly to her at 111 Brewer Rd, Grandview WA 98930.  Secure credit card transactions may be made by calling Jim Davidson at The American Legion at 509-882-1984.

If donors wish to purchase a wreath for an individual buried at Grandview (or other local cemetery), they may make that request, however, they must pick up the wreath on the day of the ceremony.

The ceremony is scheduled for Saturday, December 17th at 9:00 AM at the main stage of the Grandview Cemetery.

A small portion of the proceeds will be directed to the local Legion Post, Fred E. Hayes Post 57 of Grandview.  90% of that income will be sent to Operation Comfort Warriors, a national Legion program providing aid and comfort to injured warriors.  The other 10% will be retained to purchase replacement flags for the Grandview Cemetery.  As with all local Legion fundraising efforts, 100% of donated funds go to the stated causes. No administrative costs are taken from the donated money.

Grandview’s Fred E. Hayes Post 57 has been serving the community and local veterans since October 13, 1919 with an emphasis on veterans and military as well as their families, Americanism programs and mentoring youth.

 Post 57 Honored at State Convention

(Grandview, WA - July 22, 2016) Grandview’s American Legion Post 57 was recently honored with three awards at the Legion’s Department Convention in Grand Mound, Washington.

The Post received the Post Excellence Award from National Headquarters for their activities benefitting the community, youth, veterans and the military.  “We were very honored to receive the award,” said Robert Gates, the Post’s Commander.  “Only two Posts in the State received the award. We exceeded the criteria for the award because of the hard work of our members.”

For the fifth year in a row, the Post was honored with the publicity award.  “We owe this award to our local newspapers and media outlets,” Gates said. “They help us get the word out about our activities and Legion programs. We couldn’t do it without them.”

The final award was for membership achievement.  “This is a pretty routine award,” Gates said, “but it is made only to those Posts that meet or exceed the set membership goal for the year.  We weren’t sure we would make it this year, but last minute renewals and new members pushed us over the top.”

Local Youth Excel at Boys State

(Grandview, WA - July 22, 2016) Four young men from the Lower Valley had the experience of a lifetime at the 2016 Evergreen Boys State, sponsored by The American Legion.  All four young men were sponsored by Grandview’s American Legion Post 57.

Grandview’s Matthew Denchel admits he got off to a slow start after arrival at Boys State, but by mid-week, he had been elected to the House as a Representative and eventually became chair of the Finance Committee.  “I did learn a lot,” he said.  His two older brothers were also graduates of Boys State.

Ty Fodor of Sunnyside was elected mayor of his city.  “We got a lot done,” he said.  “I learned that developing consensus among participants helped us achieve many goals and helped us succeed.”  He plans to use those skills in other organizations and at school.

Patrick Zecchino of Granger set his goal at the first of the week to be elected to the Supreme Court.  “There were a number of candidates, but I did prevail and get elected to the Court,” he said.

Mitchell Reid of Sunnyside jokingly said his goal was to be unemployed during the week, but that was not to be.  “I was elected to the House as a Representative and I learned a lot,” he said.

All four youth were very positive about the Boys State experience and will help recruit delegates this next year.  One or more may try to be on youth staff next year.

Denchel and Reid will be seniors at Sunnyside High School.  Fodor and Zecchino will be seniors at Sunnyside Christian High School.  There were no students from Grandview High School this year.  “It was very disappointing for our Post,” said Jim Davidson, local Boys State Chairman.  “This was the first time in 76 years that Grandview did not have a delegate.”

Grandview’s Brendon Lynch served his second year on the youth staff for Boys State.  “He has become a valuable member of the Boys State team,” Davidson said.  “I heard many positive comments.”  Lynch was Grandview’s delegate in 2014.

“Increasingly, colleges and universities using attendance at Boys State and Girls State as a screening criterion to select students because of so many qualified applicants,” said Davidson.  “The U.S. Military Academy at West Point now actually sorts applications by attendance at Boys State and Girls State,” Davidson added.  “I presume the other Academies are doing something similar.”  Davidson noted that the number one applicant for West Point this last year was a graduate of Evergreen Boys State, as was the number 11 candidate.




 Flag Purchase Program Announced


(Grandview - January 23, 2012) Grandview’s Fred E. Hayes Post 57 of The American Legion has an announced an American Flag purchase program for businesses and communities that will result in support of Legion programs in the Yakima Valley. “This is a win-win program for everyone,” said Robert Gates, Commander of Grandview’s Post 57 of The American Legion. “Businesses and individuals may now purchase the highest quality American made flags through The American Legion and provide support as a sponsor to our local programs,” he added.

The Post receives a small commission from each sale which will be used to support Legion programs, including Boys State, youth programs, veterans’ assistance and the new Community Center.

Gates noted that the flags are competitively priced and are the absolute highest quality. “We are able offer flags from 2’x3’ to 20’x30’ in size,” he said. “All sizes are available in nylon, which is the most popular and free-flying of flags and most suitable for outdoors and rain.”  He added that polyester flags are available in most sizes, noting they are the toughest and long lasting flags, making them very suitable for continuous use and in high wind areas.

Cotton flags, which are used primarily indoors, are available in sizes up to 8’x12’.

Casket (memorial) flags, such as those used for veteran’s funerals, sized 5’x9.5’, are available in both nylon and cotton.

“Flags may be purchased by phone, on-line, by fax or by mail, but is important that you specify you are supporting Post 57 in Grandview in order for us to get credit,” said Gates.

Ordering information may be obtained by contacting the Post’s Adjutant, Jim Davidson, at 509-882-1984. “We may also fax or email information to you as well,” Gates said. “We are not limited where we can sell,” said Gates, “so friends and family from anywhere may participate.” To assist in making a flag choice, including material and size, view a video at www.AmericanLegionFlags.com. Purchasing on-line may be completed at that web site. “Be sure to remember to say you are sponsoring Post 57,” Gates said.


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